Welcome to Here It Comes, a newsletter by me, Graham Webster, in which I share news and ideas about three interrelated areas of unstoppable change:

  1. The greatest transformation in US-China relations in half a century, as the era launched by Nixon and Mao has come to an end and a new equilibrium is nowhere in sight;

  2. Technology development, use, and governance in China at a time when the country’s legal regime for cyberspace has coalesced and geopolitics is reconfiguring technological ecosystems; and

  3. Climate mitigation and adaptation amidst US-China rivalry, and how climate-driven emergencies will challenge both countries.

Like it or not, it’s all coming. Follow along as I piece together how these currents interact.

Who am I?

I’m Graham Webster, and I work as a research scholar and editor-in-chief of the DigiChina Project at the Stanford University Cyber Policy Center. I’ve been a researcher, journalist, and Track 2 diplomacy practitioner primarily focusing on the US-China relationship and technology for more than 15 years. More on me at gwbstr.com. The opinions expressed here are my own, and I reserve the right to change my mind.

About Transpacifica

Since 2006, Transpacifica has been my online home for writing and newslettering on US–East Asia relations, including U.S.–China Week.

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